2013 – The Year In Reviews

Mostly so I can find it again…. 🙂

Delayed NaNoWriMo followup

Well, Crap.

Had this whole thing planned out to finish #NaNoWriMo on my novel (of which I have most of 2 chapters and working on the third).

Then I got sick the second week of November. That lingered. For another two weeks.

Lo and behold, Thanksgiving was upon us with a trip to Florida and…working.

Yep, worked on Thanksgiving day. *thunks head on table*

Then I planned to write this follow-up beginning of December with talks of cross-blogging with Rhys Ford but then Erik’s surgery happened (see back posts on her blog) and she helped out with them. The cross-blogging didn’t happen, but we’ll see if we can get it going later…And work continued to explode when I got home.

That’s what happens when you work full-time while trying to start this thing called writing…for the last year. I hadn’t breathed until right before Christmas, then Christmas become its own Susan Mac Nicol drama coordinating extended families and friends across the month among my household (3 adults, two teenagers with a godson off to his Dad, and a step-daughter, who’s about to turn 18…in a pear tree). Did I mention that I live a Christmas song?

So. I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo this year. I was really disappointed. I have three active WIPs and none of them are finished. I have notes for a couple more and I’m itching to finish my short story so I can say I’ve finished something.  Several publishers have opened for submissions, and I intend to submit it somewhere because self-publishing is not happening until I get my domain set up.

Oh, I have one if those too. I intend to link up my blog here to it as well. Just haven’t gotten there yet.  There’s a reason I stopped web designing 15 years ago…

Crap. Have to learn the new stuff now long enough to get the domain hosted and linked. Yay me…

I can almost turn this into a song. 🙂

Sigh. And I’m writing this on my phone because I’m too lazy to get on a computer.

And yes…welcome to my stream of conscious.

Back to NaNo…

I wish I could have participated more with it. I got a good start but respiratory issue requiring two doctors visits and a change of medication will do that to you. Going out of town, working, AND partially sick didn’t help either. Hopefully, I’ll have things planned better next year.

Thank you for those that encouraged me to write especially the Atlanta NaNo chat room.  Good luck and you’ll see me back again next year. Hopefully, with something published by then.

Be on the look out for a review on the first day of the new year. My New Year’s resolution will be writing more.

I plan to write more on this blog too. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

20140417 Update: I, apparently, need an editor for my own posts too.  Someone should poke me if they see proofreading mistakes on my posts. *grin*


Caring for Eric Arvin…

See the link to Rhys Ford’s post about Eric Arvin.  Donate if you can.  Medical bills are never fun.


Caring for Eric Arvin….

“The Family We’re Born With” released

Lovely story…and it’s free. 🙂