Preparations for #NaNoWriMo

1. Signed up for Check.

2. Finish filing out profile. Working

3. Kick my iPad’s butt. Check. Check. *bang head on desk*

4. Prepare for Review for a recent novel I read. Check.

5. Write said Review. Working.

6. Consider date and content for being a guest on another’s author’s blog. Working (date now content later).

7. Wait on instructions for blog tour starting next week. Check.

8. Itching to write. Definitively Check.

9. Happy that I’m doing this. Absolutely Check.

10. Scared to death that I won’t finish anything. Double check.

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The Friday List…Go

Hum, some of my friends are doing lists once a week to show the’ve done, what they are doing, and/or plan to do. That’s not a bad idea…so, here is my attempt a a list and we’ll see if I can keep it up.

1. Finished beta reading for a return author.  Those are always good.   I’ve been doing beta reading for awhile now.  I still enjoy seeing new authors with new material and published authors that continue a series.  Did I mention I like a series?  I certainly plan to start a series or two with my books.  We’ll see where they go.

2. Fought with the new gmail categorization and filters so I can get messages from Goodreads on my phone.  Had a couple of review requests so I got back in touch with those.  Oops!  Gotta love technology. 🙂

3. Spend the next week reading those books for reviews (twist my arm) and then posting them everywhere.  You’ll see them here when I post to my blog.  In addition to the review, I will be hosting the book’s blog tour for a day!  More information to come when I get it.

4. So, where is my writing in all of this? Glad you asked.  I’m going to attempt to start preparing for the #NaNoWriMO event next month and have committed to writing 50,000 words.  Holy crap! What have I done! *deep breaths* Ok, no panicking.  This will work.  Now, maybe I will get my creative juices going.  See my previous post for a contest I’ve started relating to this.

5. I plan to do something on November 9th as that is my anniversary date for starting to write these things.  Let me know if you have any ideas I could do on that day.  This is a discussion people. Let’s have some dialog going.  Let’s have some fun with this!



NaNoWriMo Musings and a Contest!

Sat down to home-made chili, a Mike’s hard lemonade (strawberry), and will finish beta reading a story tonight.  I hope.

I’ve noodled a couple of my stories off and on over the last month or so in between working full-time.  And now I start to see #nanowrimo preparation starting for some of my G+ friends.  Holy crap! When did November get here?

It’s a bittersweet time for me as I started writing almost a year ago.  So I wondered, what should I do to launch a year of writing?  On November 9th, 2012, I started writing a single story that had clamored in my head previously, and with the encouragement of other authors.  I now have that same story with several chapters, two short stories that are almost complete, and a few more that I have started notes on.  I would like to finish a novel, or several shorter stories, as a salute to persevering despite a layoff, teenagers, a new job, and getting older.  We will not discuss my age.  Consider me 29. 🙂

I would like to celebrate my year of writing by giving away a copy of the story, or stories, I finish next month and when it publishes (not if, when) and a $10 gift card to your favorite online eBook store (All Romance eBooks, Totally Bound [formerly Total-E-Bound], Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Bookstrand) to buy your next book.  I plan to update my progress on here Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  I like talking to new people and hopefully, this will get me off the ground and running to finally get off my duff and get published.  Whether it will be with a publishing house, or I publish on my own, I don’t know.  But, that is the fun as I now have a goal.  My writings, so far, are in MM science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal romance genres.  Others might be in menage, contemporary and probably will expand to GBLT.  The sky is the limit.  So, if you like those, leave a comment here and at the end of November, I will randomly pick with an online random number generator.  Make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you for your $10 GC and send you the final version of the story that I finish in November.  Be aware that my story may be awhile since I’m sure there will be several rounds of edits to finish, random distractions, and finding a way to publish it.  You have my permission to repost this contest and/or otherwise spread across the internet.  The more the merrier.  Please make sure to link to this specific post so that all comments can be counted.  I’m only going to count the ones made here.  🙂

Thank you for “listening” to me ramble and come help me celebrate.  Teasers to follow!


Overseas service men and women: Free eBook!

Reposted from Patrick Donovan’s Facebook post with permission.  Please pass this along.

So, I wanted to put this out there, and see if you folks would be kind enough to help me spread the word: I am going to give an ebook copy of my book, Demon Jack, to any serviceman or woman currently serving overseas absolutely free of charge. There’s no string attached, I don’t expect anything in return, or anything like that. The only thing you have to do is email me ( That’s it. I will ask, however, that those of you that have friends or family that are in the military and overseas, that you pass this along to them, share it on your facebook, that sort of thing and help spread the word. I’ve included the back cover blurb for the book, just so folks have an idea of what it’s about, to see if it’s something that would interest them. This is, in my own small way, a way to say thank you.
Simple choice:

Stay dead and go to Hell,
Or sell your soul to a demon and keep breathing.

Fifteen years ago, Jack died and chose the latter. Now, a few years out of prison and living on the streets of Boston, Jack is perfectly content to keep a low profile and avoid his turbulent past.

Being a faceless “nobody” suits Jack just fine.

It’s working out until the only person he considers a friend turns on him, possessed by something far worse than the demon holding the contract to Jack’s soul. Now, he’s been recruited (some might say blackmailed) by an ancient order with roots in the Inquisition to hunt down whatever malevolent force is responsible for turning Boston’s homeless into ravenous killers. At the same time, someone from his past with a massive vendetta and nothing in the way of conscience, is looking for Jack, hoping to issue a little payback of his own.

Paired with a centuries old witch and the only person to survive the rampage thus far, Jack is in a race to track down whatever’s responsible for killing his people, all while staying one step ahead of the skeletons in his closet.



The capacity to love is infinite.  But love’s capacity for others can be greater than one.  Love one another in any form you want.



PIck people’s brain…

Ok. Started working on my royal fantasy short story again. Got a title: Elf Magic. And now need a name for the kingdoms: elf and human. Go for it.  Puns allowed. 🙂  Considering one of the MC is King Sire and the King of elves is named Elvan (for now), I think puns are encouraged.  🙂

Now, I posted this a couple of days ago on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  I got one response.  *sigh*

Maybe I’ll get a couple more….