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Alpha Rockstar

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Why I decided To Write Alpha Rockstar

I decided to write Alpha Rockstar when I was going through a rough patch in my life. Within a two month timespan, I suffered the loss of a very close family member, experienced a house fire, moved to a new house across my state, my car broke down, I was extra tight on money because of all the unexpected expenses, and I wasn’t able to work the amount of hours that I needed in order to make some deadlines for my books. It was definitely one of the lower points in my life and I was left questioning whether or not I had made the right decision going into writing full-time. I just sort of felt…numb…after wave after wave of bad news hit me. I needed to do something to get out of that place in my life.

It was hard to pull myself out of that numbness and once the dust settled a little bit, I realized that I needed to explore some of these feelings through the characters of Penelope and Marcus. Writing has been my outlet from the very beginning, so it’s sort of my go-to for getting my chaotic thoughts out into something coherent. At the core of Alpha Rockstar is a story about a woman who is struggling to act on her passion. She’s a photographer for a small-time newspaper with aspirations to follow a rock band from relative obscurity to stardom. This sort of mirrors my doubts at the time about my own career as a writer. Though the self-publishing movement has definitely opened things up for new writers, there’s definitely still a very established system that works in favor of those working within the traditional model. The situation is very similar for Penelope. She’s pursued her passion in life, but up until the events of Alpha Rockstar, she has gained very little traction for major exposure.

Added to that are her personal chains that hold her in place. She may be pursuing her passion, but she discovers that she hasn’t been fully committed to it out of fear of treading new water. What if she isn’t good enough? What if it all fails and she’s left without any money or a place to live? These are very real possibilities that she faces when making her decision to follow Marcus’ band. These possibilities are also exactly the sorts of doubts that had been hitting me pretty heavily during my low point. My book sales had been on a downward trend because of several factors, some in my control and some not, and that led me to question whether pushing forward was something that would lead to continued success or would it put me out on the street.

The real push to write Alpha Rockstar, is to describe the chemistry of the relationship between Penelope and Marcus, the band’s leader. He’s experienced a traumatic past which has made him very closed off to meaningful relationships. When he meets Penelope, her passion makes him excited about life for the first time in years and he slowly begins to discover the missing element from his own life. If you’re familiar with my work, I love showing how relationships have the power to bring our secret flaws to the surface and to heal them. It’s a very cathartic process for me as a writer and a reader and I hope it speaks to other readers as well.

With that said, feel free to check out Alpha Rockstar! It’s a novella trilogy that tells the full love story of two passionate people as they journey through themes of love, loss, hope, and redemption.

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Genre: Adult Romance

Pages: 47 (part of a trilogy)




She’s reaching for a lifelong dream.

Penelope has made a living taking concert photos for the newspaper entertainment section, but her dreams are much bigger. She dreams of getting close with a rock and roll band and taking pictures of everything, immersing herself in the rock and roll lifestyle.

He’s searching for a life beyond the stage.

She gets her chance when a band on tour invites her to join them for a few weeks, but Penelope has reservations…is she being invited along because they want a photographer, or because Marcus, the quiet but attractive lead singer, wants to sleep with her? And what would she say if he tried?

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Alpha Rockstar 2


Alpha Rockstar Book Two


She’s taking a chance.

Penelope is on tour with the metal band, Attack Ships on Fire, as the band’s photographer. For the first time in her life, she’s living her dream…But she never expected to fall for Marcus, the band’s lead singer. She doesn’t want to be seen as a groupie there for the band’s pleasure, but maintaining a professional distance with Marcus is nearly impossible with his magnetic personality and killer looks. But is she just a sexual object to him? Or does he want more?

He’s looking for an escape.

As the lead singer and manager for his band, Marcus is constantly inundated with the difficulties of the rock lifestyle, living on the road, and projecting a mask of pure energy representative of his persona within the band. That all changed when he met Penelope, the first genuine person he’s come across in a long time. And though he wishes for her to be treated professionally as the band’s photographer, he can’t resist her curvy figure and witty personality. Can he afford to take off his mask and let her see the person he really is?


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alpha rockstar 3


Alpha Rockstar Book Three


Penelope can sense genuine love developing between her and Marcus, but even as things heat up, there is a coldness on his part, a distance. He won’t speak of his past, and he won’t make plans for the future—unless it’s for his band.

What is going to happen when the tour ends? He lives in L.A. and she lives in Seattle. Will she convince him to plan a future together, or will she be just another casualty of the rock and roll lifestyle?

As strong as her feelings might be, there is only so far that a girl can be pushed…


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About the Author


Author Logo


Emma Rose is quickly rising as a new author with a lot to offer. She specializes in the steamy romance genre with popular series THE BILLIONAIRE’S PROPOSAL, TAKING STAGE, THREE, and STRIPPED. She self-published her first book in 2011 and has since risen to a Top 100 author in Amazon’s Erotica category, among others. Part of her quick rise can be attributed to her small, but growing, group of fans who promote her work and offer her feedback as Beta Readers, an offer she extends to potential fans at the end of each of her works. Interested fans can apply to her beta reader program and receive one of her works for free through her website: http://emmaroseromance.com/beta/


Rose says she is from ‘lots of places,’ having lived in various parts of the United States, New Zealand, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Below, Rose details how she became a writer (from her website):

One question that I’m frequently asked is how did I get into writing?


Looking back, it’s hard to believe just how much has changed in the past few years. I never gave serious thought to being a full-time writer and chalked it up as just another unattainable ‘dream job’ right along with being an astronaut or a professional underwater basket weaver.

I started writing creatively at a very young age…somewhere around age eleven or twelve. These early writings were nothing I’d ever share publicly (because, frankly, they are quite horrible!). However, it was the beginning of what I like to refer to as the “itch.”

Just what is the itch? It starts out as a very dull, barely noticeable tickling in the back my head and is usually sparked when I ask myself “What if…” It is here that the itch grows a little stronger and is harder to resist. My fingers begin to twitch in anticipation at the prospect of taking the idea that’s been bouncing around in my head and putting it into something coherent…making it able to be experienced by others.

While I never pursued writing in a serious manner, the ‘itch’ remained with me through to adulthood. In college, I had just enough space to squeeze in a creative writing class even though there was no benefit to my degree to do so (I blame it on the ‘itch!’).

And wow…For the first time in my life I had an excuse to use creative writing as an outlet again. Somewhere along the way I had fallen into the rut of settling for the practical and this one decision had me excited about life again.

Sadly, the creative writing class ended and I went back to completing my degree. After college, finding a steady job, even one that paid peanuts, was a difficult prospect. My diet consisted of peanut butter sandwiches and ramen noodles.

On a late-night whim, I decided to join Amazon’s self-publishing platform and submitted some of my creative writing pieces from college. These went on to be available for purchase in Amazon’s Kindle store. I promptly forgot completely about it until one day, about three months later, I received a check in the mail from Amazon.

Now it wasn’t that much, mind you, but when I realized that the money Amazon had sent me came from people who had purchased my work, I was ecstatic! In the little time I had off between my three part-time jobs, I wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more.

Over the course of about six months, my self-published works went from earning me a meal out every month to making more than all of my other jobs combined. It was then that I decided to make the leap to writing full-time.

This was a very big deal for me, because as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, being a writer just didn’t seem like a reachable thing…It seemed so absurd (and still does) that I have moments where I sit back and think about just how amazing this journey has been.

Sure, there have been ups and downs, but I am forever grateful to my fans who continue to support my writing. It’s because of them (and you, too, since you’re reading this post) that I can continue to scratch my ‘itch’ and create new stories for you to explore.


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