Muse Charmer PR: Book Tour for Gunn’s Kiss by Adera Ofanelli

Enjoy an excerpt from Gunn’s Kiss…

By the time they reached the door to her suite, they’d passed through the three sets of doors — including the lift — as well as five different visual checkpoints. It’d make his job easier, especially since he knew the security team running this part of the station. He’d be sure to send them a message when he got back to his place. The facial recognition software acknowledged her presence and the door opened.

Gunn waited outside.

“Why don’t you come inside? I have some information I didn’t want to leave this room,” she said.

He hesitated, mostly because he’d made a good reputation for himself by being discreet. Usually his clients didn’t want to see him around. He crossed the threshold and stepped into the suite.

“Please record –”

Gunn held up his hand. “I’ve ensured that I am able to access your suite in case of an emergency, but thank you.” He didn’t want to hear her give permission for the facial recognition software to file his likeness as authorized to enter. Hearing her say that sent thoughts through his mind, or rather his cock, of his arriving here at night, slipping into her suite to seduce her.

“Oh.” Her lips formed a circle and stayed there for a moment. Could she read his thoughts? Surely she wouldn’t, though certain members of her species were known to be telepathic. According to his information, those with telepathic ability never left the home world.

“Sorry to startle you,” he said, keeping professional distance between them. “You said you had information.”

“Yes. Nochte-Theta was not my first destination upon leaving my home world. I stopped first at a couple of other stations to speak with their officials before meeting with the council. I received these.” She pushed an envelope across the table next to the door. “My people have gone over them. We cannot find the source.”

“And you told station security where you were staying?” His gut twisted. He didn’t like this, not one bit. At her nod, his stomach twisted further. Gently, though he knew there probably wouldn’t be any evidence to gain, he opened the envelope and pulled out the first piece of paper.

A security print from a communications console. A message was tagged across the top — a threat on her life — with all the pertinent information below. He scanned it, noting the obviously faked addresses and protocols. No doubt untraceable. A second sheet of paper, another threat, was also in the envelope.

“When were you going to tell me about these?” A wave of protectiveness came over him. He fought to keep frustration out of his voice. Not knowing about threats made his job infinitely more difficult. And station personnel should have communicated these threats; they had her travel itinerary. He clenched his jaw until a muscle began jumping.

“I planned to tell you.” Her soft words forced his gaze to meet hers, where wariness crossed her face.

“I’m glad you did.” He breathed deeply and forced himself to calm. “I will contact the other station security departments to see what they have on these.”

He stepped back, because now that the initial fury that someone would try to hurt her had ebbed, he became aware that she stood close to him, so close her breasts brushed his arm with each breath. A floral scent, something planet-bound and not anything he’d find on this station, surrounded him. Hunger drove through him. He told his muscles to take another step back, to tell her he would bring the papers back to security and study them further. He should turn for the door and leave her for the evening. He didn’t.

“You can take care of this?” she asked, her voice wobbling a little and betraying her worry.

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