Rainbow Gold Reviews Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (April 13 – April 20) – Day 2

Day two of the Rainbow Gold Reviews week long Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!


Today’s scavenger hunt theme is…Firefighters!


Rules and information is here.


Some found yesterday’s word easy to find.  Some had to go a second round reading my blog to find it.

I’m sorry to say that I’m going to be evil and make you work for it. 😉

Somewhere on my blog is my word of the day for today.  The US Firefighter symbol is based on what type of cross?  Once you figure it out, go for the phrase _____ Cross on my blog.

It is hidden somewhere on one of my previously published pages.  Don’t share it with anyone but RGR.  When you find it, notate the web address/location/URL and submit it back to Rainbow Gold Reviews at the rules and information link above.  There are instructions on the form.

Best of all…have fun!


There will be prizes for the ones with the most words or phrases found daily.


If you wish to participate, we are still accepting blogs.  See the signup open link below.



Eloreen Moon


Blog Tour: Wildfire by K. Vann O’Brien GIVEAWAY and Scavenger Hunt!

NOTE! IF you had trouble with the Rafflecopter giveaway ending too early, please click on the link at the end of the blog. It will end at Midnight EDT Monday 4/21/2014 as designated now.


Welcome to the K.Vann O’Brien Wildfire Blog tour!  I’m Eloreen Moon with Moonbeams over Atlanta Blog and I’m the first stop.  Be sure to read the entire post as there is a Rafflecopter Giveaway and Scavenger Hunt!


Wildfire cover final


The summer after her mother dies, Savanna Riera is forced to live in a weathered farmhouse in rural Texas. But as layers of dust are washed from the walls, her mother’s childhood home reveals secrets from the past, riddles everyone in town seems to understand; everyone but Savanna. When a wildfire breaks out across neighboring farmland, the boy next door calls on Savanna to help the victims driven from their homes. Dev is an artist with kind eyes and a fierce painting of her mother on his bedroom wall. But Savanna is drawn to Blake, a reclusive boy with a scar running down his face like a teardrop, who looks at Savanna as if she put it there. The three friends rally to bring relief to the evacuees. But when they face the fire of prejudice, they must rely on each other to get through the blaze unscathed.


wildfire graphic


Author Bio:

The first story K. Vann O’Brien ever wrote was about a balloon. Her fourth grade teacher read the story aloud to the class, and O’Brien realized the power of literature to inspire and delight. And she got a metal. And a cookie. And she quickly determined that all good things come with writing. In middle school she started a novel, which she pitched in high school, deciding she was much too mature for middle school humor. In college she studied Journalism, and started another novel, which warped into many different iterations as she took professional writing jobs to pay the bills after graduation. She’s now hard at work on her second novel, which she hopes won’t take quite so long to write.

Author Photo

Author Links:

Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Book Links:

Amazon | Goodreads


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Scavenger Hunt Rules:

fun fact 1- wildfire

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt so jump aboard and collect the clues to form a hidden message pertaining to Wildfire.  Visit all the blogs touring and look for the word in RED in each scavenger hunt graphic. It is a contest after all, so the first person to get their answer emailed to bitnbooktours@gmail.com wins!  For a full schedule of all the blogs participating go here: http://bitnbooktours.wix.com/bitn#!wildfire/c653