Sensuous Promo’s Presents: Book Tour for Kink Club Blues by Eva Lefoy

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Warning: Excerpt is smoking hot and recommended for those 18+. Leave this page if you are younger than 18.


Synopsis: In Kink Club Blues,Paul and Geoffrey return from Paris and continue to deepen their relationship and increase the kink in their sexplorations. Meanwhile, Geoffrey’s ex, Brian, denies a growing interest in Dom/sub play only to fall into the helpful arms of local kink club worker Gar, who’s more than happy to show Brian the pleasure to be had in submission… Check out book I, Sex, Ties and Videotape, to read how Paul and Geoffrey’s relationship starts, and then enjoy watching Brian get his just deserts in Kink Club Blues even more!  

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Here’s more about Kink Club Blues: Brian finds out the hard way that once a top, always a top, doesn’t apply to him. Paul and Geoffrey return from their special trip to Paris. Paul plans to propose to Geoffrey but first, his urge to protect his lover drives him to close an old loophole. He visits Brian, demanding the original video he made of Geoffrey be destroyed. Brian doesn’t understand what Paul’s upset about, or his dominant streak. But the clearer Paul’s feelings for Geoffrey become to him, the more Brian desires to have a man love him the same way. Curiosity draws him to the local kink club, and into the arms of a man whose punishment gives him all he secretly craves. Excerpt from Kink Club Blues:

“Give me more,” Geoff panted. “Just a little.” The base of Paul’s cock twitched, sending a fierce contraction through his balls. If Geoffrey wanted more, he’d give him more. Reaching onto the table once again, he grabbed the nipple clamps. Geoffrey’s eyes lit up and his knees fell open wider. “I think you need these this morning, Geoff. I think you know you want them.” He leaned forward and sucked a pink nipple into his mouth, laving it but not sucking hard enough for it to firm too much. Geoffrey’s nipples were very sensitive, and he wanted them nice and soft when he put the clamps on, so he could watch them harden as he fucked him. From Geoffrey’s gasp as he fastened the first clamp, he knew he’d done his preparation work correctly. Geoffrey twisted underneath him, but Paul held him tight, moving his mouth slowly to the other nipple, refusing to satisfy Geoff’s urges just yet. “P-please…oh, God.” “Be good.” He gave the side of Geoffrey’s ass cheek a light spank. “Or you’ll only get one.” Licking his way across Geoffrey’s chest and pausing to nibble at various places, he drew out the torture. Right before he lowered his mouth to the other bud—which was already standing half hard—he paused again. “Are you being good?” “Yes, Paul. Yes.” He sucked the other nipple and swirled his tongue around it, scraping it lightly with his teeth as he pulled away. Then he positioned the second clamp and sat back to survey his handiwork. Geoffrey’s eyes slid nearly closed and his back arched off the bed, pulling the nipple clamps taut. He let out a long, low moan. “Paul, I’m close. I’m going to come.” “Oh no you’re not. Not yet.” He slapped Geoff’s ass harder this time. “Not until I’m inside you.” Beneath him, Geoffrey trembled, pre-cum coating his belly. His own balls squeezed at the sight, urgency building. Holding a tether on his impending orgasm got even harder. “That’s better.”

Copyright © Eva Lefoy Author Bio: Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers. Author Links: Blog | Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook Page | Pinterest Book Links: Kink Club Blues Purchase Links MLR PressARe | AmazonAmazon UK   Sex, Ties and Videotape MLR PressARe | AmazonAmazon UK