Elf Magic Part 2

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So, I managed to write some.  Just a little while ago. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get it done BEFORE the post date next week.  We’ll see.

It’s not very long but I hope that the Muses will come out and play with me more later and I get a longer piece in. As always, it is unedited and may have grammar and spelling mistakes.


Aeona sat at her vanity and saw the change come over her in a slow wave. She yelped loud enough that her lady in waiting, since all Royal daughters had them, ran in asking what is wrong.
“Lady Aeona, what’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Her short, dearly loved, servant Iona stopped breathless beside her.
“I-I-“ Aeona stuttered as she saw the changes in the mirror, her face and body morphing as she sat there in her night clothes. She could feel herself become more masculine: sharper cheekbones, a little more square around the face, and…her breasts reducing to a man’s pectorals. She had actually seen those once when she was near the local watering hole while one of the house servants bathed in the water. She had received an education that included biology of both sexes, but this seemed strange even for her.
Iona looked at the mirror, then at Aeona, questioning in her eyes.
“What do you see, dearie? You look just fine.”
“Iona…I see myself changing to a masculine form,” Aeona replied hesitantly, wondering if she was losing her mind like her father. No. He was still sane, just grief stricken. He couldn’t be anything else. She had to be strong for both of them.
“I don’t understand, my dear,” Iona now looked confused. “You look just as you did this morning…”
Aeona stood up abruptly, pain searing through her. She convulsed and fell to the flow barely avoiding hitting here head against the chair on the way down. Iona made a cry of surprise and anguish of her own and went to her only to see her disappear before she could reach her.
“Oh…Oh…Magic is afoot. Sire is not going to like this.” Iona picked up her skirts, turned around and ran back through the door yelling for anyone to let her know where His Majesty to report that Aeona, his beloved daughter, was missing with magic.


Aeona woke up slowly, pain receding but lingering as she took stock in her figure. Her night gown was a little rumpled but covered her, she thought. Although, it was a little snug this time. The body she had lived with for 25 years…that was a different matter.
Her coppery hair, the same length as before, appeared on soft bed she found herself on, along with the copper-tinged skin she remembered from when she was young. Memories she showing her in a different state started to intrude but she held them off while she finished taking stock of her body. Instead of a small chest with pert boobs that she always hoped that would group larger and never did, were gone. Instead she had a broader chest with similarly small pectorals, slim hips were she had wider hips before… and more.
“Oh my,” Aeona started at the slightly deeper voice as she stared at the junction of her thighs. Instead of folds and her pleasure button, she had a long and thin penis with balls that hung lower than she was used to seeing. Granted, she had not seen a lot of men’s genitals but there were paintings, mirrors, and magic means of gathering information. She giggled a bit, then frowned when it didn’t sound quite right. She looked around the room, noticing the tasteful decorations, dresser, nightstands, and other furniture for an unfamiliar guest room but nothing to tell her where she was or what had happened that she was no longer in her room in the Royal castle.  Other than the slight headache, the pain receded enough that she thought she would be fine in a few minutes.


Well, as fine as she could be with a gender she wasn’t used to. A niggling sensation gave her pause like she was supposed to know more than she did.
“What is going on?” Aeona asked herself not expecting an answer since she did not see anyone in the room upon waking.
“Hello, Aeon, my son,” a deep voice boomed next to her.
The voice scared her so bad she felt herself against the wall with no knowledge of how she got there. Then she looked down and realized she was hovering over the bed against the wall. Levitating. She squeaked again, although that sound not coming out right and fell to the bed again, her back against the headboard, trembling and valiantly trying to pull herself together. Too many shocks do not make an Aeona happy. Then she caught up with what the deep voice said, “Aeon? Son? But… my name is Aeona and I’m…” Aeona suddenly stopped as the memories she had held back previously suddenly flooded her consciousness.


She remembered playing with children in all shapes and sizes and with adults who were tall, willowy, and had pointed ears. Absently, she reached up to feel her ears and felt a point that wasn’t there before. Memories continues to reveal a childhood of playing but not as a girl, but as a boy. Same coppery hair and skin, but with all of the bits she found herself with now, just on a smaller scale.  Then she felt a presence within her mind, soothing, helping her understand everything. Joy. Sorrow. Love.


“Father?” Aeona, and she guessed she would have to call herself  “he” now, but she would think about that later once she had her questions answered. “How…who? I still don’t understand.” She looked at the tall man in front, who had cradle her to his chest dressed in royal elf colors of green, brown and gold. Elves, she was in the presence of an Elf.  And not just any elf, but Elvan himself.  King of the Elvanwood elf kingdom that bordered along Lothohammer. He had long white hair, pointed ears of the elf race, and violet eyes.  Just like her own.


“Once your mother had passed your gaes was lifted. It was supposed to return slowly to get you used to the new information, but that didn’t happened. When the magic returned it, it returned with a vengeance and your magic must have brought you here to your old room as a safety net.
“I have magic,’ Aeona stated.
“You are magic, my son,” King Elvan smiled.

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