Elf Magic Part 2

So, I managed to write some.  Just a little while ago. 🙂 Maybe I’ll get it done BEFORE the post date next week.  We’ll see.

It’s not very long but I hope that the Muses will come out and play with me more later and I get a longer piece in. As always, it is unedited and may have grammar and spelling mistakes.


Aeona sat at her vanity and saw the change come over her in a slow wave. She yelped loud enough that her lady in waiting, since all Royal daughters had them, ran in asking what is wrong.
“Lady Aeona, what’s the matter? What’s wrong?” Her short, dearly loved, servant Iona stopped breathless beside her.
“I-I-“ Aeona stuttered as she saw the changes in the mirror, her face and body morphing as she sat there in her night clothes. She could feel herself become more masculine: sharper cheekbones, a little more square around the face, and…her breasts reducing to a man’s pectorals. She had actually seen those once when she was near the local watering hole while one of the house servants bathed in the water. She had received an education that included biology of both sexes, but this seemed strange even for her.
Iona looked at the mirror, then at Aeona, questioning in her eyes.
“What do you see, dearie? You look just fine.”
“Iona…I see myself changing to a masculine form,” Aeona replied hesitantly, wondering if she was losing her mind like her father. No. He was still sane, just grief stricken. He couldn’t be anything else. She had to be strong for both of them.
“I don’t understand, my dear,” Iona now looked confused. “You look just as you did this morning…”
Aeona stood up abruptly, pain searing through her. She convulsed and fell to the flow barely avoiding hitting here head against the chair on the way down. Iona made a cry of surprise and anguish of her own and went to her only to see her disappear before she could reach her.
“Oh…Oh…Magic is afoot. Sire is not going to like this.” Iona picked up her skirts, turned around and ran back through the door yelling for anyone to let her know where His Majesty to report that Aeona, his beloved daughter, was missing with magic.


Aeona woke up slowly, pain receding but lingering as she took stock in her figure. Her night gown was a little rumpled but covered her, she thought. Although, it was a little snug this time. The body she had lived with for 25 years…that was a different matter.
Her coppery hair, the same length as before, appeared on soft bed she found herself on, along with the copper-tinged skin she remembered from when she was young. Memories she showing her in a different state started to intrude but she held them off while she finished taking stock of her body. Instead of a small chest with pert boobs that she always hoped that would group larger and never did, were gone. Instead she had a broader chest with similarly small pectorals, slim hips were she had wider hips before… and more.
“Oh my,” Aeona started at the slightly deeper voice as she stared at the junction of her thighs. Instead of folds and her pleasure button, she had a long and thin penis with balls that hung lower than she was used to seeing. Granted, she had not seen a lot of men’s genitals but there were paintings, mirrors, and magic means of gathering information. She giggled a bit, then frowned when it didn’t sound quite right. She looked around the room, noticing the tasteful decorations, dresser, nightstands, and other furniture for an unfamiliar guest room but nothing to tell her where she was or what had happened that she was no longer in her room in the Royal castle.  Other than the slight headache, the pain receded enough that she thought she would be fine in a few minutes.


Well, as fine as she could be with a gender she wasn’t used to. A niggling sensation gave her pause like she was supposed to know more than she did.
“What is going on?” Aeona asked herself not expecting an answer since she did not see anyone in the room upon waking.
“Hello, Aeon, my son,” a deep voice boomed next to her.
The voice scared her so bad she felt herself against the wall with no knowledge of how she got there. Then she looked down and realized she was hovering over the bed against the wall. Levitating. She squeaked again, although that sound not coming out right and fell to the bed again, her back against the headboard, trembling and valiantly trying to pull herself together. Too many shocks do not make an Aeona happy. Then she caught up with what the deep voice said, “Aeon? Son? But… my name is Aeona and I’m…” Aeona suddenly stopped as the memories she had held back previously suddenly flooded her consciousness.


She remembered playing with children in all shapes and sizes and with adults who were tall, willowy, and had pointed ears. Absently, she reached up to feel her ears and felt a point that wasn’t there before. Memories continues to reveal a childhood of playing but not as a girl, but as a boy. Same coppery hair and skin, but with all of the bits she found herself with now, just on a smaller scale.  Then she felt a presence within her mind, soothing, helping her understand everything. Joy. Sorrow. Love.


“Father?” Aeona, and she guessed she would have to call herself  “he” now, but she would think about that later once she had her questions answered. “How…who? I still don’t understand.” She looked at the tall man in front, who had cradle her to his chest dressed in royal elf colors of green, brown and gold. Elves, she was in the presence of an Elf.  And not just any elf, but Elvan himself.  King of the Elvanwood elf kingdom that bordered along Lothohammer. He had long white hair, pointed ears of the elf race, and violet eyes.  Just like her own.


“Once your mother had passed your gaes was lifted. It was supposed to return slowly to get you used to the new information, but that didn’t happened. When the magic returned it, it returned with a vengeance and your magic must have brought you here to your old room as a safety net.
“I have magic,’ Aeona stated.
“You are magic, my son,” King Elvan smiled.

Elf Magic Part 1

As promised, this is the start of a story I started 2 years ago but have not finished. A little latter than I thought but I’ve been enjoying my holiday and finally sat down to my computer. I figured, as a New Year’s resolution to write more, I should just post a story and see if I can finish it. 🙂

Please let me know how you like it and if you would like to see more. Inspirations from readers are always welcome as I have not actually finished parts of this. Note that this story will have grammar issues, misspellings, and has not been edited.  I’ve done some editing but not a lot. 🙂 I plan on posting once a week, maybe more depending on interest and whether my characters talk fast enough. This is probably only going to be a short story and I’m not sure on chapters. Perhaps it will develop into more, or even a series.  Not sure yet.  Depends upon the Muses and time.


This was inspired by the Grimm’s fairy tale: Cat-Skin for an anthology of twisted male-male fairy tale stories that never happened. I’ve informed the maker of that anthology that I was probably going to publish on my own.  Here is the start.  Sorry it’s a little short.  This particular story was written in pieces and not in order.  I hope inspiration will come and I can fill in the parts missing.


Elf Magic


Cyma (yes, you) for the initial inspiration and Wando from G+ who helped me with the name Lothohammer, the Human kingdom’s name.


Tags: MM, Romance, Fairy, Magic, Royalty, Kingdoms


“Come here, my love,” Queen Bea said in a thready voice. Sire slowly walked over to his wife, her Royal Majesty of all Lothohammer. She had ruled by his side for 25 years, but now, barely could she lift her hand as she beckoned him closer to her bed side. It had been a marriage of state since he was the heir to his father, King Alum. His family had been ruling the human kingdom Lothohammer for centuries since the elves and the humans had signed the peace treaty in his great-great grandfather’s day after much strife between Lothohammer and the elven kingdom of Elvanwood. Considering they were nearby to each other, it was a good thing to keep the peace. Magic was very much a part of the world, but nothing could be done for the wasting sickness that was killing his Queen.

He reached for her and took her thin hand gently in his left and brushed her beautiful copper hair with his right lightly, saddened that he could not help her now. While it was a marriage of convenience, he had grown to love her as a friend and confidant. She’d had known from the very first that his taste was not towards her. In fact, she had understood that his taste was not toward women in general. It was a secret she had kept for him all these years. They had their one miracle, a daughter, who looked just like her mother, and that was that.

“What is it you want, my dear?” Sire returned from his sad thoughts at the light squeeze of her fingers. He bent closer to her.

“I have something to tell you,” She breathed softly to him. Her face grimaced in pain briefly. “I have seen you with another with long copper hair. Do not marry again unless you marry the one with copper hair. You will have your heart’s desire.” Her breathe hitched with the last of the words, she coughed violently, and finally caught her breathe long enough to say, “I’m so very tired, love. Find the one with the copper hair and more will be revealed. I am ready. Remember–” With a violent shudder, she seized.

Sire held her against his chest, bracing her in her final moments. He murmured to her as the seizure took her away. Once limp, he closed her eyes for the final time, laid her back down, and kissed her forehead good bye. He allowed himself a mere few moments to grieve and then visibly pulled himself together. “Please put together the announcement that the Queen has left this world. I hope that her next one will be better.” Sire turned to the attendant that seemed to never leave his side to ensure his orders were carried out. His right-hand man, with tears streaming down his face, nodded once, bowed to Sire, and left the room to begin this process of informing all of Lothohammer, and beyond, that they had lost their Queen.


The entire kingdom mourned for a fortnight as she was much beloved. While everyone knew of the Queen’s illness, it was still a shock that she was gone. Because her last words had a ring of prophecy, they were written down to be reviewed at a later time. After the official mourning ended, Sire continued to mourn Bea privately and soon was spiraling into a depression that none of his court, advisers, or even his daughter could pull him out. Soon, others noticed the long walks their King would take in the village close to the castle, that he was just moving with blank eyes. King Sire had been ruling their country for a number of years, most of it with Bea. The whole court could do nothing. Some advisers remembered that same prophecy and started looking for the person Bea had foreseen; another woman with long copper hair.


A search was done far and wide for females with long copper hair. None could be found. Except for their daughter, Aeona. She, like her mother, had long copper hair, smooth, slightly dark skin, and a slender build with barely-there hips and long legs. The only difference was her bright purple eyes, eyes that did not match Sire or Bea. Mutterings of changelings and baby snatching had long dodged Aeona, Sire and Bea over the years since Aeona’s birth 25 years prior. They ignored it for the most part.  For a while, the kingdom settled down and accepted that their princess had different eyes. Until the day the Queen had passed, and the prophecy revealed, then the mutterings resumed as some were wont to do.


Aeona herself heard these mutterings and despaired that her father would come back to her. She didn’t know what to do. There were things that were locked in her mind that were slowly coming back to her as the days passed since her mother had left this world. The first was that she was not all that she seemed. The second was that were more, rather large secrets, to come. She was even more frightened by this because the one person she could go to was no longer around. She couldn’t go to her father because a lot of the secrets, she knew, were directly related to him even though she didn’t know what they were yet. She didn’t want to hurt him any more than he already was hurt.

Chapter One from Space Love, a WIP

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Ok.  Since part of my New Year’s resolution was to actually post excerpts of my works in progress (affectionately called WIP in the writing world)–I have three– and maybe manage to finish one, I have written enough on one to post a couple of chapters or so. 😉  Maybe I’ll turn it into a blog-published story and see about wrapping it into a novel later. *shrug* Might get me to actually finish the darn thing if I post it here.  So, I will present the first Chapter of the novel, Space Love.   This Chapter, and the beginning poem I wrote for it, are also listed on Goodreads, but this is a newer version. The novel was actually started from the beginning and I mostly stuck with that.  I’m thinking of adding a prologue for the love interest of the MC explaining more of the “dreams”.  Let me know what you think and if you think that would be a good idea.  Also let me know if you think you would like to see this as a serial on my blog once a week or so.  This is a science fiction, paranormal, slightly angsty, and becoming more angsty the more times I work on it.  No sex, so safe for kids.  I have not worked on it in several months but will when I get my new iPad.  There are probably grammar errors.  I’m sure I need to rework the dream sequence, and probably misspellings.  It’s not edited so be warned…


Space Love

By Eloreen Moon

Chapter 1

2036 June 15, 0300, Julian Calendar

Near –Earth orbit, Space Station Cassiopeia

Ship UTASA Sydney

I snapped awake, panting.  Sweat dripped from my soaked hair and naked body. Shivering, I discovered I was tangled in my sheets and still in early morning.  Well, if I was on the planet anyway.  I slowly drew myself from the clinging sheets as I tried to slow my breathing.   I sat up facing the bathroom.  Looking at it and the slightly open track door with the light I had left on before going sleep, I remembered why I was awakened in the first place.

A Dream.  Really bad dream.  Yeah.  I remembered now.  Sort of.  Maybe.  Kind of.  Crap.  I didn’t want to remember.  I really, really didn’t want to remember.  But the dark night with the soft glow from the bathroom triggered the remembrance and my mind went back in time.  The same dream I’ve had all my life.

I’m running through green fields, so green it almost hurts my eyes.  I’m in tiger form with white and black strips, which is unusual in itself because my tiger sleeps within me. I know I’m dreaming because of this.  I feel the hunters coming.  I can taste their greed.  I can smell the lush field, an almost sweet honeysuckle smell, surrounded by a dense forest in the distance.  I don’t recognize the location, however beautiful it is.  I never have.  The grass feels good on my paws but that is a fleeting thought.  I’m running for my life and I have no idea why.  The fear eats at me.  I must run and continue to run as very bad things will happen should I stop.  I do not know the bad: It’s just a feeling. Horror fills me as I feel something breathing down my neck.  It’s getting closer. Closer. So close, that I feel as if it will consume me.  I must stay free.  I must.  It is an imperative that I am not caught.  I have no idea what will catch me but I cannot be caught, ever.


Something’s changed.  This time, it is slightly different.  Emotions are high and I almost feel someone else’s emotions.  I feel myself slip into the meditative state whereas I’m lucid dreaming, trying to control the dream to see something new.  With a slight distance, I feel the emotions and form of someone…different.  Almost, like, they are trying to tell me something.  I stretched for the tantalizing hint of a thread of emotion.  Fear, yes, but not for themselves.  Fear….for me?

As I slowly came to from the remembrance, I realized why I was startled awake.  The dream changed.  I’ve never had that happen before.  I briefly wondered why.  Shrug.  I’ll think about it later.  Right now, now that I’m awake, my bladder was making itself known.  I stood up, and walked to the bathroom.  Taking a deep breath, I walked up and the automatic door slid the rest of the way open at my approach.  I smirked a little as I thought about the hoops I had to go through to get that feature available.  As it slid open, I shakily walked to the toilet to relieve myself, washed my hands, and then threw some water on my face.  I looked up at the mirror.  My eyes were gold.  Not good, not good at all.  Shifting here would be a poor choice.  Not that I have ever shifted before but I knew the signs that my family told me to expect when it was time.  Time that seemed to be an unusually long time in coming.

“Casaen, you look like shit.”  My voice was harsh in the small room.  I hadn’t had much sleep lately.  The dreams were not helping.  Someone was trying to tell me something, I just knew it.  But I didn’t have a clue what was being said.  So much for me being a Dreamwalker.  You would think I would understand this kind of stuff.  But, Noooo.  I’ve been having dreams all my life and sometimes they were direct enough I could interpret.  And, sometimes not.  It was those nots that had me tied up in knots.

Great, I was making puns again.  Even in my own head.  Rolling my eyes, I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror.  The light on my face and hair was not especially harsh.  I never liked those halogen things and so went with anything that did full spectrum sunlight.  I had heard fluorescents were high demand back in the day, but I’ve never seen one.  They were outlawed when I was little in the latter part of the first decade of the 21st century.   I had a good face, I guessed.  My eyes were back to normal now.  They are brown-green eyes with a slight almond shape from some pan-Asian ancestor set in a slightly tanned face.  Wavy hair to just past my shoulders had multi-colored red, gold, brown, and some blond mingled together for a crown that covered my head.  Ok, maybe a lot of blond.  Alright, I’m mostly white blond with the rest accenting since I’m a White Bengal Tiger.  Well, I would be if I ever shifted.  Not that I really paid attention to my hair but people said it was cute.   And, it was probably too long for a guy.  Strong nose, high cheekbones, oval face, and an average forehead went with the rest of my features.  I had a long neck too.  I look almost like a girl.  I guess you would call me a twink in the old fashion vernacular.  Although that term referred to someone younger than I, I guessed as a body type, it would apply.   Five foot seven inches is not tall and with a muscular body that would be called lithe, I wasn’t in too bad of shape.  At least, that is what the ex-boyfriend told me.  At 30 standard years, I was not young by any stretch of the imagination.  Considering I just had a birthday last month, I started feeling my age.

With a wry smile, I looked at my face one more time and left the bathroom to my quarters.  Not much, but it’s my own.  With a brother and 3 sisters, you tend to find space anywhere you can.  Looking around the room, you have your basic gun-metal gray that all starships share.  I’ve not had time to decorate as I’ve only been on here only a few days.  My anti-gravity totes were stacked neatly against the far wall on the other side of the bed and next to the door to the kitchenette.  Wait, they don’t call it that here.  A food replicator?  I’ll have to ask Father.   Not that it wasn’t anything more than a cover over an alcove with a machine to synthesize food and drink.  Luckily, I had the version that would make whatever I needed without the chemical taste.   I waved my hand in front of the door sensor and it slid up into the top.  It never ceases to amaze me these new technologies.  Being someone on the far side of technology, I tend to be fairly grounded considering.

“Water with ice.”  I said to the room.

“Anything else, Mr Hagonsun?”  I startled a bit when the female voice of the Artificial Intelligence aboard the ship spoke.  Sandy, she was called.  She?  I wasn’t sure the protocol for referencing ship AI’s, let alone ships in general.  Heck, the closest I got to technology was my tablet computer and only then because I grew up with technology readily available.  Sure, I read Science Fiction being an avid reader.  You can’t get away from technology, or the reading, when everyone in my family worked there in some form or fashion.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.  You know that old adage? Truth is stranger than fiction?  Yeah, that’s the one.  Welcome to my world.

I never could get used to cutting-edge technology. My brain just went to mush when Dad start talking about his work on the creation of them.  Mom is an Astrogator; a space navigator if you will.  Mother and Father, Mom and Dad’s mates, also worked in space and technology.   Mother dealt with Rocketry and propulsion and Father dealt with nutrition and food replication.  Dad’s baby, AIs, were just emerging as viable ship cores when I was in my teens, thanks in a large part to Dad’s research and programming.  That was not too many years after the first learning AI was setup by the University of California named Wilson.  It was a big thing in my parent’s day and happened when I was a baby.  They told me about it when I told them I was leaving Earth for this trip.  Gods, was that a month ago?  Everything has happened so fast.  From the time the United Terra Aeronautics and Space Authority (UTASA) contacted me for this assignment some 3 months ago until now, I had been eating, sleeping, and breathing the training to go into deep space.

I guess I should have known I would end up on an extended mission in space.

“No Sandy.  Just the water.”  I said.  I still feel weird talking out loud to basically nothing and nobody in the room. 

Case, you ok?

I sighed.  I knew Cadmaen would contact me after the dream.  Since all of the Family could talk to each other with our telepathic link, talking was overrated.  I didn’t talk much unless there were humans around.  And with me being a Dreamwalker, I could send and receive emotions too.  I’m pretty sure Cade would wake up regardless considering we are littermates.  I was impressed that I could “hear” him this well though.  Hi bro. Yeah, I’m ok.  I guess.  I sent him my love, a little subdued since it was still “night” on the ship and I hadn’t fully awakened even with the dream and all.

Are you sure? Do you need me there?

NO!  You do NOT need to expend that much energy! I stood there, clutching my hands to fists and my heart thumping a mile a minute at the thought of Cade using his telekinesis ability to come up to the ship, or even the space station the ship was attached to.  That’s all I needed.  Explain a 500-lb white tiger randomly showing up in my room.  The Captain would surely want to know how that happened.  Considering she is human and does not know the extra traits our family has, I wasn’t in a hurry to enlighten her.  Not that humans don’t know, we just didn’t want our family’s heritage to be out there.  We have rather unique abilities that we don’t want to have to explain.  I’m ok, really. I’m getting water from the food replicator-thingy.  Um, what did Father call them again? And, how am I hearing you so well?  The short trips I took before for training gave me the impression that we couldn’t speak mind to mind while in orbit.

Cade snorted humorously. That was what Mom and Mother told you so you wouldn’t tax yourself while in training.  It’s never been tested as I think you are the first of our kind in space for any length of time but we think based on current psionic research that the distance doesn’t matter.  Thank you General Relativity and Albert Einstein. I suddenly had a mental picture of my brother smirking in his oh, so superior way.  Never mind that he was only 5 minutes older than I was and wasn’t superior, at all.

Our older sisters Cassandra, Crystal, and Carrie were from the litter of Mother and Father while Cade and I were the litter of Mom and Dad, officially anyway.  Since they were all mates, it didn’t really matter.  Human marriage laws have come a long way from the time when our parents were having us.  Gay, straight, lesbian, multiple partners: It didn’t matter anymore.  I know that the parental units breathed a lot easier these days as they don’t have to hide that part of their relationship.   Most humans we lived near thought we were incredibly fertile.  That’s true, just not the way they thought.  It’s because we are shifters and have litters make multiple births the norm.  We’ve kept a low profile since we didn’t want any one hunting us because we were different.  Story of our lives.  We are typically bisexual in general but some of us have a preference.  Cade and I are gay.  We just haven’t found our mates yet.  And with me in space, the likelihood of finding mine is slim and none and Slim left the solar system ages ago.  I wasn’t too worried about it since shifters tended to live longer than humans and I was only on this mission for 6 months.  I figured I had time to settle down.  Didn’t mean I wasn’t lonely though.  My last boyfriend was a year ago.

I sighed. Figures they would do that “for my own good.” I’m not 10 you know. I’m sure I wouldn’t have anyway.  Standing in the middle of training staring off to space while I talk to you probably would have been a poor choice.  I’m sorry I woke you though.  Are you ok?  You feel…a little strange…

Cade said quickly: I’m fine, really.

Why don’t I believe you?  I replied, concerned with a slight snort of my own.  He could never lie to me.  Nobody could.  It’s why I was probably here.

Crap, I could never get passed that lie-detector mind of yours. He did a mental shrug and started talking quickly. I have someone with me.  You know. In my bed.  Overnight and all.  Jeez.  Do I really have to spell it out?  My normally stand-up-and-take-charge brother was embarrassed, frustrated, horny, and…oh, damn.  My awakening him had become coitus interruptus.

I flopped on the bed.  Oh man, I’m really, really sorry.  I hadn’t expected the dream I had to change and it startled me badly.  Please apologize to your date…I assume it was a date and not your mate?

He answered: Yeah, it was only a date.  He’s human though so I had to send him off before I contacted you.  It would have been a little bit odd to explain to him that my brother miles over Earth caused me to freeze in the middle of getting off. Now he sounded annoyed.  Oh boy.  I’m going to be groveling for a bit on this one.

I’m really, really sorry? Really? I flashed him a mental smile with my dimple in place.  He always forgives me.  Well, usually forgives me.  This was no exception.

I know.  With a whoosh, I felt him send me his love, exasperation, and concern to me.  Pictured with it was someone identical to me but slightly beefier.  And – tapping his foot.  Typical Cade.  Cade continued, Are you sure you don’t need me up there?

I’m sure.  Go back to sleep Cade, I’ll be fine.  I’ve been up enough that I should be ok to go back to sleep before I start my day. Thank you, bro.  For being there.

Anytime, and I mean that literally. He sent me a wry smile, a little of his amusement seeping through, and a last parting request. Find someone, Case.  You need to get laid before taking off.  Your dreams were better when you are with someone, even when you were with what’s-his-name douche-bag-on-a-stick asshole.  You’ve been alone long enough.  At least find someone for the night.  I doubt you will find your mate in deep space but for one night, I would prefer that you slept without dreaming.

And he was gone.  A sense of a wave good-bye and the link closed.

“Well, that was entertaining.”  I said out loud sarcastically. 

“Sir?” Sandy queried.

“Never mind, I’m just talking to myself.  I do that a lot.”  With a snort, I rolled over and picked up my water, drank it down and left it on my utilitarian bed-side table.  I never did get an answer from Cade what Father called those new-fangled food replicators.  Sigh.  I’m going to have to unpack when I get back up and drifted off to sleep.  Thankfully, a dreamless one.