Musings from the Moon

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Or how it got to be almost a month since I had done a post.


I’ll blame it on work. That’s what most of February went to. Working on not having to work so much. Slow process.

Well, you are not here to listen to my real life experiences. Well, maybe you are… After all writers, bloggers, and other people are human too.

Writing… Not so much this year. Started editing early Jan and then it fizzled because work. We’re back to that again. 🙂

Really, I’m not trying to make this a post about not enough time because of work. Except that I am. Sigh. I really need to get off my own soapbox.

I posted a review for Rhys since this is release day for Dirty Heart. Click here to see it. If you haven’t read the Cole McGinnis series, you should.

Currently typing on my Nook as I’m about to read to relax before bed. Going to be doing more reviews at RGR and here on MoA. It’s been two years at the end of this month since I started reviewing there. Here’s to another two years. Hopefully, I’ll add more books and stories to that mix that I’ve written. *smile*


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2 thoughts on “Musings from the Moon

    • 🙂 Yeah, it’s on my list of stuff to do this year. I had hoped to get more stories out this year, but that hasn’t happened. Yet. I still have plans to do sequels Charon’s Dilemma and Coil Me Up. Plus publish a few other works in progress that I’ve had rattling around for a couple of years now. Real Life tends to get in the way, unfortunately. I work full time so I have to do that first. Thank you for the interest. You made my otherwise long, tiring day.

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