The end of another year

Happy New Year everyone. I’ll be ringing it in in about an hour with friends and family. I hope to be around more with RGR, writing, and blogging. We’ll see. 🙂 

To everyone on social media who followed, friended, and liked: Thank You. Several have encouraged me to write and I managed to publish a story this year. Thanks Goodreads MM Romance Group for being there with great prompts. I hope to have more stories in 2015, not just in my head. Maybe even a blog story starting soon…hint, hint *cough* tomorrow, if I can get off my duff and put it on the blog…

Maybe. Still undecided if I’m going to start a new one or use an existing one.

It had been a crazy couple of years since I started actively writing and there have been some Real Life pitfalls, but I plan to do more this year. Maybe even get something published that readers would like to buy. That’s one goal anyway.

And get past writing sex scenes…*sigh*

That’s the other hurdle. I’ll get there. I hope. I know I’m not alone but, geez, stop with the writer’s block already.

Muse, come back!

Uh, oh…I’ve done it now…

*waves as she mentally braces herself for the characters taking*