I looked up and it’s suddenly mid-July…

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OK.  This post will have some bad language so turn away if you are offended.


No? Good.




I’m merrily going along, setting up a blog tour for next week after finishing what I hope is the last round of proof reads for Charon’s Dilemma (soon to be published any day now) on the M/M Romance Group Love’s Landscape Don’t Read in the Closet event on goodreads.com when I realize that I haven’t posted anything much since the beginning of July.  [If you don’t know what I’m talking about regarding the event, read my archives under writing. 🙂 If you do realize what this means, get excited for me.  I’ll be published! YAY!]


Here’s the cover.



Ok.  Shameless plug done.

Go read it.  You know you want to.

I’ll update with the link as soon as it posts.

To continue.

I figured I should probably write an update or something.  No… nobody wants those… (insert sarcasm here). Then I’m going to finish updating my blog. 🙂

So, what I forgot to say on my July 1st post was that I had signed up to do the July Camp NaNoWriMo event.   And it’s mid-July and I haven’t written anything for it.  I was supposed to work on Space Love, the first novel I started writing.  As you can tell… it didn’t happen.  Now, I may get some gumption going and write some before the end of the month, but it isn’t looking good—at all.  Maybe I’ll get to it, maybe I won’t.  You can tell that I’m not upset about this, right? Right.


Yeah, I wanted to work on it but I’ve been looking for a day job and that has been taking up a tremendous amount of energy.  Couple that with family stuff and… yeah, I’m not in the right head space to work on it.  I have been thinking about it though. That’s good, right?

Right. Anyhow.  On with the musing.

I think I’m about mused out actually.  I did get a spark of a potential story line from a random Harlequin cover with three cops on it (yes, I still read those… hey, what can I say? I like Romance.  I don’t mind what kind. *smile* Although, MM Romance is my favorite. *big grin*) with them either being friends or brothers.  I haven’t really gotten farther than just that.  Although, I’m leaning more towards friends who went through academy together.  Or something like that.

Now that I’ve written that down, I can remember to put it into my notes program.  Evernote is your friend.

And it’s done.  Yay!

I think I’m getting a little more random than I want to deal with at the moment… on to dinner!



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