Musings from the Moon

Well, the scheduled date for Charon’s Dilemma was supposed to be August 15th, but that didn’t happen. ¬†It has been rescheduled for a date coming up very soon. I still can’t tell you when but I will be posting as soon as I see it. ūüôā

So, you can watch for it here: (must be a member to view it) to see it as soon as it releases.

The¬†Moonbeams over Atlanta 100 blog posts contest ended and I, finally, got to send the winner her gift card to Amazon. ¬†She should have it by now as I just emailed it to her…

This past week at work has been insane. ¬†Internet has not helped. ¬†When getting a phone call on the house line can kick you off internet…you know you have a problem with the lines…

Dragon Con is coming next week.  And there is a move in my future.  Good news is it is to a spiffy, updated house and better internet.  Bad news is the move part.

This writer is going to bed before I fall over.

Hopefully work will slow down a bit and I can post more. ¬†I do have more blogs to host and a few reviews to do. ¬†Keep watching and maybe I’ll get some writing going…maybe a freebie on the blog. ūüôā

I enjoy freebies from my favorite authors. ¬†Not that I’ve had a lot of time to read. Maybe the beginning of September I’ll start posting a work in progress. ¬†Then maybe, I can finish something else.


Night Night